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Why we love Gwen Stefani?


Why we love Gwen Stefani?

There are so many reasons why we love Gwen Stefani! Here are just a few of them.

Gwen Stefani have adored since I first heard the song Do not speak of the band No Doubt. He won the vocal timbre, stage outfits and that was one of the few women at that time leader of a band of boys. Years passed, and the artist was still reinvented had great success in both solo and together with No Doubt. Not to mention his career in fashion – Gwen launched a fashion brand, L.A.M.B who are successful.

Gwen has always been a landmark in terms of personal style and I admired both outfits on the red carpet of the most important events of street style and outfits. We love and not afraid of changes. She gave up her look signature – cat eyes, red lips skinned for a completely different one. And he is so good!

He spoke openly about the suffering of separation from Gavin Rosdale, her husband of 13 years, and has implemented all the feelings caused by this deception in songs from the album This is what the truth feels like, which reached number one on Billboard 200 .

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