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What says white spots on the nails about our health

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What says white spots on the nails about our health

White spots on the nails can tell us much about our health and exactly this aspect we will discuss in this article. Nails acts as a protective shield over the fingertip and have sensitive nerve endings. White spots may appear all over the nail.

The nails are like a mirror of our health and nail color can suggest minor problems or issues higher body health, including cancer. If you pinch your finger in the door or hit, of course, can show stains on nails, but in this case you do not know the cause and why be alarmed. There are some cases when questions arise.

“Leukonychia” is the name given by professional doctors white spots on the nails. They can be caused by a lack of nutrients or various medical conditions.
Deficiency of certain nutrients causes the appearance of white spots on nails. In this case, it is recommended to eat pumpkin seeds, spinach, wheat germ, nuts and beans so take your zinc needs.

A balanced diet and nutritional support healthy nails and the entire body. Zinc is essential for survival. Find zinc in almost all plants and his grace we can have healthy skin, healthy teeth, bones, hair, nails, muscles, nervous system and a brain to function properly. Zinc is needed in everyday development of our body and helps cell regeneration.

In addition, zinc helps produce proteins that are found in fingernails. Besides zinc, we need antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are found in most green vegetables. Biotin, vitamin B7, is also extremely important.
A possible cause of white spots on the nails is given by selenium poisoning, although it is rare.

Some cases have been registered in China some time ago. Selenium poisoning can lead to total loss of the nail. Other symptoms include hair loss, teeth, neck and leg pain, dizziness and numbness of the extremities.
There are other serious medical conditions that trigger white spots on nails. By doing this, scarlet fever or a severe version of pneumonia can cause white spots on the nails. So, whether it is a bad diet or suspicions they have about various medical conditions, white spots on nails if you are concerned, ask your doctor.

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