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Spring fatigue: 5 Ways effective natural treatments


Spring fatigue: 5 Ways effective natural treatments

Permanent state of fatigue although sleep is long, lack of tone, reduced intellectual capacity, malaise? Here are some of the signals that your body gives you to let you know that experiencing spring fatigue.


What is spring fatigue?
Spring fatigue is a general weakening of the body caused by deficiencies of vitamins and minerals that occur after the end of white season. Because diets rich in meats, fats, canned foods and lack of fresh fruits and vegetables, our body consumes its stores of vitamins and minerals stored during the winter, no longer keep up with its needs and begins to crack.
Symptoms vary from person to person but generally lack of energy, radiance, headache, malaise, fatigue, lack of enthusiasm for life, drowsiness, lack of physical strength, lack of appetite, depression and intellectual fatigue are symptoms that indicate spring fatigue.
Plants refreshing
You can start your day revigorandu using herbal infusions such as green tea, ginseng, lemon verbena, rose petals, mint, hyssop, pine nuts, rosehip, dandelion, buckthorn, basil, etc.
 The body needs to recover and to regain their forces, so the 8-10 hours of sleep per night are recommended. Before sleep can make a hot shower and then you can drink a cup of tea hawthorn which helps a quiet sleep.

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