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INCREDIBLE! This vitamin reduces flatulence in minutes

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INCREDIBLE! This vitamin reduces flatulence in minutes

Bloating is a common health problem which is not only unpleasant visual (tummy will be much higher than it is), but also causes significant discomfort. There are several factors that contribute to the problem, and the most significant is food that retains water in the body and slows digestion.
But bloating is not something you should worry because there is a vitamin that will flatten your stomach in minutes. It is vitamin B complex, which is extremely beneficial Peter human body and which can be obtained from food in its natural form.
vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 combat water retention in the body.
A number of studies have shown that 90% of the world population is deficient in this vitamin, due to modern lifestyles and poor eating habits. This vitamin also has the benefit of stimulating the immune system in its fight against bacteria and viruses. It is extremely beneficial for cardiac patients and pregnant women.

The best sources of vitamin B6: fish, whole grains, spinach, vegetables, poultry.
vitamin B1
Vitamin B1, also known as its scientific, thiamin, is crucial to digest carbohydrates. Actually turn what we eat into energy.
Besides, it improves heart function and nerve, but also speeds up digestion and neutralize gases and bloating.
The best sources of vitamin B1: whole grains, legumes, yeast.
vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 deficiency

When the digestive system is unable to absorb this vitamin, there is a deficit, and an inadequate diet – typical especially for staunch vegetarians who do not consume any dairy products or eggs and can generate deficiencies of vitamin B12. Also, older people are prone to deficiency noted.
Common symptoms associated with vitamin B12 deficiency may include constipation, memory loss, difficulty walking or when you exercise, anemia, mood disorders, numbness, inflammation of the tongue, disorientation, and dementia damage to the myelin sheath.
Insufficient vitamin B12 would allow the removal of a substance called homocysteine ​​which, when it exceeds a certain level, it becomes harmful to brain cells.
At the same time, based on its procoagulant property, which pose a threat to artery walls, homocysteine ​​might be related to cardiovascular diseases.
The best sources of vitamin B12: eggs, cheese, milk, beef, vegetables.

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