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How to avoid depression again

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How to avoid depression again

Once we hit depressed, chances to get back into that ugly state are higher, ie 50% higher if I had a date, 70% higher if we had twice with 90 % higher if we had three times. It is therefore very important to prevent depression and do everything we can to not get in the Astara.
So what can we do to not be victims of depression?
Respect your healing plan or adapt their own needs one. The biggest mistake that we commit is that when we believe we cured of depression, stop treatment and follow healing plan. We must understand that mental affections, including depression, not just disappear and, therefore, it is important to go
sessions with the psychologist or psychiatrist post even depression so that we become truly unmanageable us not to fall back into place depression. Do not look for excuses to not comply with the plan of healing rather seek your help and outlined a plan that you can cure you.
Eliminate negative thoughts.

There remain anchored in the past, will not forever reprimanded for mistakes made, for your defects and, especially, will not look a prospect of changing this behavior negativa.Pentru mental, cognitive behavioral therapy is very helpful and will may resort to it.
Discover your vulnerabilities.
Each person has their weak points and their vulnerabillitati. Different people will be hurt, or people, or certain situations. It is best for them to be identified, to avoid them, and if you will be put face to face, to understand the trigger and do not let overcome by circumstances. If you can not avoid such situations, invent your weapons with which to fight,

empower yourself smart and be stronger than whatever happens outside of you. May!
Keep a diary of emotions. A log of emotions will help you better understand your moods and the reasons that led to those states. It is an excellent way to help you know and better understand and is a method to keep any state in control and accounting.
Isolated and will not ask for help. Whether you choose to go in a group organized to help you fight depression as either seek the help of family and friends, the most important thing you can do is not isolated. Social isolation is only going to sink more in depression.
Enough sleep. Lack of sleep is a major cause of depression and sleep disorder relapse acesteia.Orice you have insomnia, sleep apnea, see your doctor, treat it because otherwise you risk depression again failed.

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