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Celebrity diet

Celebrity diets were concerned because women always start from the idea that if the stars have managed to lose weight and we must succeed. Of course, it is clear that the stars do not always choose the healthiest methods and that their gestures sometimes shocking public opinion. In this article we promote only the artists who followed a diet that does not harm overall health. We have to keep in mind the fact that celebrities are often obliged to keep diet and lose weight because otherwise lose several million dollars in contracts for cinema, conecerte or advertising.


Jessica Alba’s diet

Jessica Alba is one of the celebrities in vogue at the moment. Since the age of 12 Jessica Alba decided to modify their diet so it did not reach proportions and not to resemble other family members who were already overweight. “Everyone in my family is overweight. I wanted to be healthy so I started to cook by myself for 12 years. Eat breakfast omelet and fruit or cottage cheese and a peach. For lunch eat a salad. Dinner is usually composed of fish, chicken or vegetables. Not really eat dessert or bread. Very rarely eat a yogurt with fruit, chocolate or candied fruit. “Said the star about her diet daily. It has a balanced diet and stay away from carbohydrates. Hollywood star detul healthy diet and can be a model for others in this regard. In addition actress sport almost an hour each day.

Jennifer Lopez’s diet

Jennifer has the motto as everything must be moderate when it comes to eating. The star does not drink alcohol and when she needs to lose weight cut sweets and flour (carbohydrates). Besides diet, Hollywood star sport, especially cardio, yoga and lifting weights. In some magazines Jennifer Lopez find information that uses grapefruit oil and that oil wear her file. This oil grapefruit flavor issue affecting liver enzymes – which leads to weight loss. Tests conducted on animals have shown that after being exposed for 15 minutes three times a day to the smell of grapefruit oil weakened and they had a poor appetite.

Oprah’s diet

By plateau show on Oprah come many stars in Hollywood to talk about diet that tin. Oprah herself and talking about how to lose weight do: Avoid mainly carbohydrates in bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. In addition sport every day. Oprah prefer stat squash ice cream that does not have many calories and last very long until a complete and thus satisfy their need for sweet. Oprah said that his great regret is that he lost many years of his life trying to control their weight. In his show star has promoted the consumption of green tea because it contains caffeine and maintaining an optimal level of insulin helps weight loss.

Diet followed by Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum presented the Victoria’s Secret catwalk just two months after giving birth. The star took pictures every day to watch her changing body during weight loss diet. The star kept David Kirsch’s diet called “The Ultimate New York Diet”. In Phase 1, the first two weeks Heidi avoided any foods that cause bloating. He ate no dairy or fruit at all. In the second phase chose to eat tuna, tomatoes, quinoa, veggies in general. In the third phase of the diet plus lean meat or egg proteins.

Angelina Jolie’s diet

The actress follows a strict diet rich in fish, lean meats and plenty of water. Protein diet quality in general bear fruit if it is coupled with sports and water consumption. To play in the critically acclaimed Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie held a few months a special diet. “I had to give up cigarettes and coffee and eat food cooked in steam vegetables and soy milk. It was an interesting experience because before I used to skip breakfast and drink and smoke neck. “Jolie told World Entertainment News Network. Angelina recently had twins – a girl and a boy still in hospital and actress requested special food. “Angie you eat only organic foods and a diet rich in Omega-3,” said a friend of the star. Angelina Jolie menu includes organic salmon with tomatoes, brown bread and cereals, spinach, organic vegetables, and almonds, apples and honey for a snack.

Janet Jackson’s diet

How Janet weakened (almost dramatic) in 2006 captured worldwide attention. In addition to sports activity she has a personal nutritionist who follows the diet. Singer takes 2-3 liquid meals a day that are designed so objectionable all the nutrients it needs. As the diet progressed, she introduced vegetables, berries and fruits. In only six months Janet Jackson has lost 27 kg! But do not think it’s that easy. Keywords sport three times a day, crunches, cardio and others. Janet testified that before was marked by the yo-yo diet ba ba lose weight you gain weight. Janet Jackson appeared in US magazine “Us” immediately after slimming and then, a year later reappear on the cover to show that, more than that weakened is that it has managed to maintain weight.

Janet Jackson’s diet is about 1300-1650 calories a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks. At breakfast – 4 egg whites, 1 egg yolk and half a grapefruit or maple syrup 2 slices of lean ham or turkey. At snack – protein shake. At Lunch – salad with grilled zucchini, grilled chicken with olive oil with lemon dressing. At snack – little cheese and fruit or almonds. At dinner – grilled tuna, wild rice or steamed vegetables.

Claudia Schiffer’s diet  

Here are some of the suggestions Claudia Schiffer to eat more fruits in a creative way: grilled pineapple. It sounds strange but when you put pineapple slices on the grill sugar content it will caramelize and will emphasize the sweet sensation. You can add lemon or mint juice and will become even more interesting! Baked bananas. Simply put banana in a bowl and enter the oven at 180 C. Then cut along them, take cover and serve with a little ice cream.

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