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Belly fat, a danger for liver health!

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Belly fat, a danger for liver health!

Liver cancer is the sixth most frequent cancer worldwide. In Europe, 10 of the 1,000 men and two women in 1000 will get liver cancer at some point in life. In 2008, about 40,000 men and 20,000 women were diagnosed with liver cancer in all of Europe.
The average age at diagnosis is between 50 and 60 years, and in Asia and Africa is around the age of 40-50 years.
Men have a much higher risk of developing the disease, mostly due to alcohol abuse. In addition, this type of cancer mortality is higher than in the rest of Europe in November due to late detection.
Four times more common in males
A recent study conducted in the USA has shown that adipose tissue from the abdomen increased the risk of liver cancer. According to the study, the chances of developing liver cancer increased by 10% for those with excess abdominal fat.
The study says that for every 5 cm increase in waist, the risk of developing liver cancer increases considerably.

The same is true for an increase in weight of 5 kg liver cancer risk increases by 38% in men and 25% in women. Above normal weight, diabetes and belly fat are all directly associated with liver cancer.
Those who conducted this study said that among the factors that cause liver cancer are cigarettes and alcohol.
Study participants had to complete a form in which they were given questions about weight, lifestyle and possible defects.
It also found that people with diabetes 2, general and obese were 2.61 greater chance of contracting cancer.
Healthy lifestyle is very important to prevent liver cancer.

Stopping alcohol use is recommended in cases of steatosis (fatty liver).
Often, weight loss is needed because many patients with steatosis are overweight. Eat a diet rich in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates (hypolipidic, hypoglucidic). It should be reduced primarily saturated fat consumption to be replaced with unsaturated fat such as those contained in fish, olive oil, nuts. Include whole grains in the diet as well as breads, brown rice.
Cosum have more fruits and vegetables for their antioxidant effect.
Control your diabetes. Follow your doctor’s instructions to control your diabetes disease. Take medications as you’ve recommended and properly monitor your blood sugar.
Exercise associated diets increase muscle mass and tissue sensitivity to insulin. Try to do at least 30 mind daily exercise. Climb the stairs instead of using the elevator whenever you have the chance. Go more walking and less by car or bus.

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