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Batteries with self charging


Batteries with self charging

Batteries are not the strong point of gadgets, whether we speak of laptops, phones, cameras or even drones. But manufacturers seek alternative solutions and take into account spectacular: water, sunlight and even alcohol.

We all complain about the batteries in phones from all devices, and the solution would be to produce energy in our gadgets as they work longer. Call SF, but there. For example, an iPhone whose battery was replaced with a fuel cell, a shortened version of this aggregate. Inside, the hydrogen is converted into electricity and can power a constant phone or laptop in our case, for a week.

Furthermore, this technology becomes very useful for drones. The latest models can fly 15-20 minutes. A fuel cell drone could fly even 2:00 until her down, change cell comubustil in 20 seconds, add hydrogen and fly them again.

This technology is still being tested. Fuel cells are still expensive, and hydrogen can be dangerous if not stored properly. However, a range of two weeks for an iPhone does not sound bad at all. Technology has had various forms in recent years, those from Nectar proposing external batteries, a phone capable to load 10 times until you need to change small canister of hydrogen. That 3 years ago, costs $ 100. Nectar has given but bankrupt.

A simpler solution would be, of Powertrekk. When you want to charge your phone just add a little water and begins to generate electricity. The battery costs $ 100, plus $ 45 for nine reservations salts able to release hydrogen from water.
Kyocera proposes another solution – loading transparent solar panels mounted over smartphone screen. If you leave the phone on the desk near the window, it will load free. In theory, the phone should never be discharged.

A manufacturer of drones but with technology comes with methanol, alcohol easily produced. Basically, it is a generator that provides constant energy. This drone, battery factory, flying just 15 minutes. Adding a generator, you can fly two hours. Basically, ethanol burns to generate energy. Another advantage is that when the drone running out of fuel and can refuel in minutes. While charging the batteries for several hours.

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