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5 Things You Do not Know About Jennifer Lawrence


5 Things You Do not Know About Jennifer Lawrence

It is one of the highest paid actresses of the year, but also one of the most popular. Jennifer Lawrence (25) quickly gained a good reputation in the world of Hollywood, where he managed to win millions of fans with her role in the series “The Hunger Games”. He began to receive increasingly more important roles in the films and people started to know. However, here are some little-known facts about the famous Jennifer Lawrence, according

1. A former model before being an actress Before the success in the world of acting, Jennifer Lawrence scroll the podium. Her first “job” was famous clothing firm Abercrombie & Fitch, but failed to reach the catalog pages. When asked what her agent did not work, company representatives testified that he took too seriously the role of football and that at one point, one of mannequins screamed: “Take it from me!”.
 4. Almost turned down the role in “The Hunger Games” Although he fought hard to play in the movie “My father’s hands,” Jennifer Lawrence almost turned down the role in “The Hunger Games”. The actress was afraid that if she accepted, her life would have to change and was not sure that this crossing would be for the better. However, ultimately, all her mother was the one who convinced her: “She said ‘You hypocrite, because you always say you do not care about the significance of videos.'” The actress claims that it used to play movies studio because he liked more than those with a story that would be important. It took her three days to accept the role of Katniss Everdeen in “The Hunger Games”.
5. Has a tattoo on hand In the second appearance in Vogue magazine, Jennifer revealed the significance of the tattoo you have on hand: “It’s just H2O, to remind me to drink more water. I’ve never had a symbol or a quote that is so important to me that you want it tattooed on me. So I thought, you need to remain hydrated. Forever. It’s very practical. “

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