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5 cravings that shows that we can have health problems

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5 cravings that shows that we can have health problems

We all found in that situation where we invited to a food, usually greasy and unhealthy – a burger, chips or milkshake- and no matter how much we tried to replace it with another healthier option, just just does not seem to work.
It seems that these cravings they feel the cravings that encroaches upon us acute reflects, in fact, certain deficiencies and imbalances that we have in the body. The sad part is we never’re craving vegetables or something healthy, but wake up that I devour something sweet, rich in fat and carbohydrate
An explanation is given by the emotional issues that we may have. People tend to take refuge in food when they are sad, upset, angry or are deprived of love and beauty in their lives.
In this article we present five cravings to stay away and that’s good to learn to anticipate them.

1. Water Lust – Diabetes can be. Excessive thirst can be a sign of diabetes. It is not that thirst that you feel after an hour of cardio is rather a constant thirst accompanied by frequent urination. Because diabetes, the body accumulates too much sugar and kidneys must work harder to filter and absorb sugar or remove it as urine.

Thus appears thirst continue.
2. The lust of salt – can be Addison’s disease. Not lust salt because we need her. Most of us eat far too much salt, and this is detrimental to our health. Salt cravings can be a sign of Addison’s disease in which the adrenal glands (above the kidneys are those who) do not produce enough hormones, otherwise very

important. It is the production of cortisol helps the body respond to stress and aldosterone that maintains blood pressure in balance. Untreated Addison’s disease causes excessive reduction of blood pressure, very dangerous for the body.
3. Craving ice – Iron Deficiency. Craving for things that have no nutritional value – ice, paper, dust, glue – is a phenomenon called pica. There is a phenomenon well understood by specialists, but it seems that is associated with iron deficiency in the body and translates, especially by compulsive consumption of ice.
4. Craving chocolate – Magnesium deficiency or Vitamin B. Cicolata is delicious, really full, so it is normal to please her. However, one possible cause could be a lack of magnesium, a mineral reponsabil the proper functioning of all body tissues. There are other foods, healthy, rich in magnesium and certain green vegetables, nuts, seeds, fish, soybeans or avocado. Try them on them.

Another explanation for food cravings is given by deficiency of vitamin B that we provide energy and well-being in the body. Chocolate can give the false impression that the moment I became fuller and happier life, increasing our levels of dopamine, but in the long term, chocolate consumption is detrimental to our health.
5. Craving fries – deficiency of Omega 3 fatty food cravings in general can be explained by a deficiency of omega 3 fatty acids in the body. Eat salmon, avocado, nuts, seeds and olive oil.
Any of these cravings you have, learn to control them, listen to your body and think about his health before it feed with the worst food produced by the food industry. Together with your doctor set your healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

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