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3 day diet that you get rid of 5 kg: here’s how it works!


3 day diet that you get rid of 5 kg: here’s how it works!

By “diet three days” can lose five kilograms, you can detoxify your body and you can lower cholesterol, yet having enough energy to perform your daily activities.
Three-day diet involves following a strict food plan this time. By dieting held for three days can lose five kilograms, clearly indicated the needle scales. But there is a gumption: the data below five kilograms are not fat, but rather accumulated excess fluids in the body, and their human waste. For this reason, diet three days, even if you get rid of five kilos, is not effective in the long term.

In those three days of food regimen all gates must be carefully monitored quantitatively.

Here’s how it looks in the diet diet for three days:


Breakfast: unsweetened coffee or tea, half a grapefruit, a slice of fried bread and two teaspoons of peanut butter

Lunch: half a canned tuna (less obviously) and a slice of toast

Dinner: one or two slices of meat, but not more than 85 grams (grilled, cooked baked or boiled), 220 grams of beans (stewed without oil), 220 grams of beets, apple Small and 100 grams vanilla ice cream


Breakfast: egg, half a banana, a slice of fried bread, unsweetened coffee or tea

Lunch: 220 grams of tuna or cottage cheese and 5 pieces of whole wheat crackers made (crackers)

Dinner: 2 slices of meat, 440 grams of broccoli, 100 grams of carrots, half a banana and 100g of vanilla ice cream


Breakfast: 3 crackers made from wheat flour (crackers), a slice of cheddar cheese, a small apple and unsweetened coffee or tea

Lunch: a boiled egg and a slice of toast

Dinner: 220 tuna or cottage cheese, 220 grams of beetroot, cauliflower 220 grams, 100 grams of 100 grams melon and vanilla ice cream

*** You can not drink any soft drink, be it light, but plenty of water.

Basically, these food combinations ingested during the three days are designed to put your excretory function in motion to remove as much domestic waste.
Although diet three days has results, meaning you can knock five kilograms during this period, the effects of rapid weight loss regime will not last, because those five kilograms consist not fat, but in fluids and waste accumulated naturally in the human body.

Moreover, on a single day diet it has about 1,000 calories, too little even for a sedentary person and little height. Also, the body enters a state of self-protection when you noticed how few calories gets practically, the body’s metabolism to slow down, so and offerings.

Having slowed metabolism, all the calories that will overcome a thousand of those who were accustomed body will turn to fat when you return to a normal diet in terms of calories (1500-2000 calories).

Moreover, the three-day diet does not help you change your eating habits that led actually to weight gain. Basically, to lose weight healthfully and keep the extra pounds away just there must act: eating habits that you have gained, as well as consumption of juices, pastries, skipping breakfast and eating evening, crunching between meals, and so on For this reason those who follow the diet three days must take the risk of putting weight back down data at a time so short.

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